Early 2000

Steve is accepted to Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC and announces that he will be quitting Flesh Eating Creeps before summer.

Over spring break, the band does a weeklong final tour of the south and midwest with Richmond/NoVa band Churl, featuring Jonny Z on drums. The tour is called “Sweet Week.” The bands travel in Churl singer/guitarist Johnny Fink’s blue 1990 Oldsmobile and Steve Ritt’s grandmother’s old yellow pickup truck that has the word “Mine” painted on it in swirly blue letters. The musical equipment is in the back of Steve’s truck and needs to be unloaded every night, or parked in a garage. Half of Flesh Eating Creeps have to ride in the perpendicular-facing chairs behind the seats in Steve’s truck. Steve takes a vow of silence for the week, which leads to awkward encounters with hitchhikers and other bands, along with some miscommunications while navigating.

Highlights include a rowdy night in Chattanooga, TN with Face Down In Shit, where host Jeremy Johnson entertains the bands by alternately passing out on a bag of dumpstered bagels and shooting bottle rockets out of his mouth; playing with Crucible at the Mad Lab in Columbus, OH; playing Café Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre, PA with All Scars and Radio Four; playing Rhino’s in Bloomington, IN; and playing with Marion at a Charlotte, NC house show.

The band records its final eight songs with Duncan Adams and Jay Coleman at Duncan’s parents’ house near Salisbury Lake in Chesterfield, VA.