Fall 1997

Chris and Brendan begin attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

Brendan rents the bottom floor of 3123 Park Ave. with Joey and a few friends, including Tony Bitch from The Neurotiks and Joey’s childhood best friend Kenneth Harris. Flesh Eating Creeps begin practicing in the dining room.

The four songs from that spring are released by Amendment Records, on a three-way split 7” with The Infertil from Alexandria, VA and They Live from Buffalo, NY.

Brendan is kicked out of Tri-State Killing Spree for breaking a window during a live set at a house show in Oregon Hill.

Nat Wachman briefly joins the band on bass. When he quits, the band recruits avid skateboarder and VCU art school student Jon Altfeld, formerly of DC band Unabomer.

Chris and Brendan buy a 1977 Dodge van for $750 from a guy in a trailer park on Route 301, who describes screwing his girlfriend in the shag carpeted back of the van.