Summer 1997

Chris and Brendan graduate from Open High School. Matt Neagle leaves Flesh Eating Creeps, and the band temporarily becomes a three-piece, with Brendan playing in stereo through a guitar amp and a bass amp that is hooked up to an octave pedal.

The band borrows Joey’s mother’s minivan for their first weekend tour, playing Spartanburg, SC with The Style Kings, The Milestone in Charlotte, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. Charlotte becomes a favorite stop for the band. On this tour, a dog pees on Brendan’s pillow while he’s asleep, Joey takes the band to a Myrtle Beach hotel and shows his bandmates where he carved “GWAR” on the sauna wall when he was twelve, then pees on the sauna rocks. On the drive home, at dawn on the outskirts of Richmond, the band runs over a dog on the interstate.

Later in the summer, the band plays a skate park in Virginia Beach with Spazz and His Hero Is Gone.