The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000

Flesh Eating Creeps were a 1990s Richmond, Virginia hardcore punk band whose members went on to form the bands Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!! and Worn In Red. The two constant members, Chris Terry and Brendan Trache, worked with old friend Will Cole of Handstand Records to digitize vinyl and tape recordings, scan photos and flyers, and compile as much information as possible for this comprehensive, 58-song discography that includes deluxe and standard cassette releases, a Bandcamp download/stream, and an archival band website.

Streaming / Digital Download:
Name-your-price Bandcamp digital download that comes with PDF of full liner notes, band history, lyrics, photos, and more.

Deluxe Cassette (Hand-numbered, limited edition of 50):
Oversized album case that comes with 58-song cassette, 2 buttons, 2 stickers, 8-panel J-card, 32-page booklet with band history/liner notes, and free digital download.

Standard Cassette (Hand-numbered, limited edition of 100):
58-song cassette tape that comes with 8-panel J-card, sticker, and free digital download.