Fall 1998

Brendan moves in 805 W. Cary St. and Flesh Eating Creeps begin sharing the basement practice space with Lewistown, The Exploder, Four Hundred Years, and Wheelbite. Nat quits. Former Neurotiks drummer Steve Ritt, who has also moved into 805 W. Cary St., joins on bass.

A lot of bands play shows in the 805 basement, including Hickey, Milemarker, Zegota, Operation: Cliff Clavin, Kill Your Idols, and The Last Crime. The band becomes entrenched in the thriving DIY show scene around VCU, playing living rooms, basements and warehouses in The Fan, Oregon Hill and Jackson Ward.

Joey and Tony move deeper into Oregon Hill, on the 300 block of S. Laurel St. At a show in the living room, Steve jumps through a divider with his bass, exposing Joey’s roommate Garth Broox, who is passed out on his bed. Garth gives the metal sign.

Brendan releases the Richmond punk comp LP “The Aggression of Progression.” The band’s songs were recorded in a home studio in Chesterfield, VA along with tracks for a 7” comp with Lewistown, Our Time, and Tri-State Killing Spree.