Fall 1999

1007 Park, AKA The Parkhouse, becomes the band’s home base. Basement shows are hosted for Strike Anywhere, Jerome’s Dream, Sassafras Jones & Bucko Biggs, Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children McNuggets, Pg. 99, Majority Rule, Devola, and I Robot. There are regular vegan potlucks, and multiple nights spent on the porch yelling at the alterna-frat across the street.

Ryan leaves Flesh Eating Creeps and forms Municipal Waste with Brendan on drums. Adam Juresko, an old roommate from 805 W. Cary, comes back to Richmond after a few months in the Bay Area, and joins the band on bass.

New York label Mountain Collective expresses interest in releasing the band’s next record.

Pleased with the lineup’s chemistry and tired of the revolving door policy on members, Brendan says that if anyone leaves the band, it’s over. He begins writing what would become the band’s final eight songs, rehearsing in the basement of 1620 Floyd after noise complaints shut down practice at The Parkhouse.

Worn out from the tour, the minivan dies and Chris sells it for scrap.